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Sammy 'The Bull' Gravano


Arizona Republic
Jerry Capecis Gang Land News
New York Daily News
New York Post
New York Times

Blum, Howard Gangland: How the FBI Broke the Mob 1993 Simon & Schuster

Blum, Howard The Reluctant Don Vanity Fair Magazine, September 1999 

Blumenthal, Ralph (forward by) The Gotti Tapes 1992 Random House, Inc.

Bonavolonta, Jules and Brian Duffy The Good Guys 1996 Simon & Schuster

Capeci, Jerry and Gene Mustain Gotti: Rise and Fall 1996 Onyx True Crime

Franceschini, Remo A Matter of Honor 1993 Simon & Schuster

Maas, Peter Underboss: Sammy The Bull Gravanos Story of Life in the Mafia 1997 HarperCollins

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