In researching Sam Giancana, two things became almost immediately apparent:

1) Because he lived in a world that didn’t publicize its day-to-day activities, and because his particular activities allegedly centered around so many of this nation’s most controversial news events -- the Bay of Pigs uprising, the Kennedy assassination, the Marilyn Monroe "suicide," etal. -- much of what might be called a "Giancana Biography" are matters open to debate.

2) Since he had, according to some theories, participated in these far-reaching events, albeit as a shadowy manipulator, he appears as an important footnote in many, many books not necessarily about him, but about those events.

The following bibliography lists the books to which I referred to get as clearly an unbiased and new view as possible of Sam Giancana. In this vein, the books written by his brother and daughter, being very honest and sometimes painfully open, were invaluable. They knew him well, better than any other person alive, and fortunately for prosperity they tell it as they saw it and heard it, without family sentiment. The book, Double Cross: The Explosive, inside Story of the Mobster Who Controlled America, was especially enlightening, as it summons up some thought-provoking theories about Momo's role in the above-mentioned episodes.

But, since every story has its two (or more) sides; the other sources, which often differed in fact and tone, helped round out a three-dimensional figure.

* * * * *

Giancana, Sam and Chuck. Double Cross: The Explosive, inside Story of the Mobster Who Controlled America

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1. Fondless Memories

2. Born in Hell

3. Killin' for Capone

4. Changing of the Guard

5. Moving Up

6. Eyeing the World

7. Kennedy Connection

8. Wayward Politics

9. Betrayal

10. Marilyn Monroe

11. Nov. 22, 1963

12. Downfall

13. To Die in Hell

14. Bibliography

15. The Author
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