There are three very good biographies of Capone in print:  Kobler, Schoenberg and Bergreen.  The Crime Library particularly recommends Laurence Bergreen's Capone: The Man & the Era as the best of three good biographies.  Bergreen is especially sympathetic to Capone as a whole person and the nuances of his strivings and choices in life.

Information on and photographs of James Capone, better known as Richard "Two-Gun" Hart, has been provided by Richard Hart's son, Harry Hart. Unfortunately, some printed materials mentioned in this bibliography contain significantly incorrect information about Richard Hart.  The chapter in this feature story on Two Gun Hart reflects the correct historical record of the man.

Excellent and extensive bibliographies can be found in each of the three Capone biographies cited above.  Books included in this bibliography are those used by the author to create this feature story.

A&E Biography Video: Al Capone; Scarface

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1. Made In America

2. The Young Boy

3. Apprentice

4. Scarface

5. Chicago

6. Capone Takes Over

7. Power

8. St. Valentine's Day

9. Public Enemy #1

10. Two-Gun Hart

11. The Final Chapter

12. Photo Gallery & More

13. Bibliography

14. The Author
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