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Taylor Behl

Search for Taylor Ends

By Marilyn Bardsley

Janet Pelasara, Taylor's mother said today that she believes a body found in a wooded area is her daughter. "The body found is most likely my baby's," she said at a news conference at her home in Vienna, VA.

"I'm positive the authorities will bring these subhumans to justice...and pray they will receive the death penalty."

George O. Peterson, the family attorney, says that official confirmation has been made.

"The strongest suspect they already have in custody," Peterson said, but there remains the possibility that others were involved. A K-9 tracked the scent of another person from Taylor's car. The person has been arrested for possession of cocaine.

One key person of interest in this case from the time that college freshman Taylor Behl went missing is Ben Fawley, a 38-year-old amateur photographer who had a romantic relationship withTaylor . Fawley is currently charged with 16 child pornography counts and is being held without bond in Richmond .

Crime Library sources have indicated that another of Fawley's former girlfriends once lived at 554 Knight Wood Road in Diggs, VA. The remains found by the task force searching for missing college freshman Taylor Behl were located near the intersection of Rt. 611 and Rt. 613. Knight Wood Road in Mathews County is very close to that site. Mathews County is right on the Chesapeake Bay , about 70 miles from Richmond.

Members of the task force searching for Taylor Behl meticulously researched the online records created by Taylor, Fawley and their various associates. From these online records, police determined that several sites should be examined. One of those sites was the area where the remains were located behind a barn on private property. Police had shown photos of the site to one of Fawley's former girlfriends who identified where the photos were taken.

The remains were very decomposed and positive identification was not immediately possible. However, several news sources indicated that clothing found at the site was similar to clothing that Taylor reportedly wore when she disappeared. The FBI will continue to handle the gathering of evidence at the crime scene.

Pat Collins of NBC 4 was told that soil samples from the under carriage of Taylor's car match soil samples from the area in which the recently discovered body was found.

Local map showing area where Taylor's body was discovered
Local map showing area where Taylor's body was discovered

Fawley told police the day after Taylor disappeared that he had been abducted and assaulted several hours after Taylor was last seen. He claimed that he had been driven to an unknown location and robbed of his camera, tripod and cash. Fawley told police he was then dumped on a dirt road where he managed to get a ride back to his residence. Fawley told police that a former girlfriend was behind the attack on him.

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